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Gradient Fall is a cooperative AR arcade game exploring our solar system from the Sun to space beyond the Kuiper belt. The game-play is a top-down view through your spaceships’ open drilling bay. As you pilot your ship in space the view gives you the sensation of falling through space. Eventually you pilot the ship to drill through an asteroid. As you're drilling, you're collecting mineral samples out of the rock. The collected samples can be either used to upgrade the ship's mining equipment such as drilling lasers, heat shields, scanning equipment and other necessary space equipment. Or they can be sold to pay for repairs on your ship because space mining is hazardous to you and your ship. There will also be alien compounds found while mining. These will surprise players with alien upgrades that seem magical. Depending on the choices players make with found minerals and alien compounds. Players may get to travel to alien worlds. The game-play was inspired by the arcade games Tempest, Lucky and Wild, Asteroid, and R-type.

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