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EX3 VR Lounge Chair

What if Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality was introduced at the same time as arcade video game machines in 1971? What would public expectations be of VR and AR? If the generations that grew up playing video games also grew up with evolving VR/AR experiences. What would VR/AR experience be after 40 years of innovation? The EX3 lounge chair is a historical design fiction piece. It was created to pose this question to viewers. The EX3 creates a VR experience with 1970s product styling and the quality of electronic equipment that has been in storage for over 30 years. The EX3 VR lounge chair has working lights, knobs, and tuners. It also has a partially working cassette cartridge player and a working headset with stereoscopic images and sounds of a relaxing beach scene. The accompanying posters were crafted referencing 1970s magazine ads for stereo equipment.

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